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Invest in Çanakkale

Investment Zones

Investment Zones

There are two Organized Industrial Zones (OIZs) in Çanakkale, one in the Biga district and the other in Çanakkale Central District. A Food Specialized OIZ that is planned to be established in Ezine district has gained a legal personality and infrastructure works are continuing.

Çanakkale  offers  an  advantageous  investment  environment  for  investors  thanks  to  its  OIZ infrastructure.

The total number of parcels in the two OIZs in the province is 113, with 61 in the Çanakkale OIZ and 52 in the Biga OIZ.

Aside  from  the  Ezine  Food  Specialized  Organized  Industrial  Zone,  all  the  other  OIZs  have  a combined industrial zone status.

There are a total of seven small industrial sites in the province, two in Biga, and one each in Center, Çan, Gelibolu, Gökçeada and Lapseki. The process to establish a new small industrial site in the Ezine district is still ongoing.

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