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Invest in Çanakkale


 Ministry of Industry and Technology

The  Ministry  of Industry and Technology provides  support  for  investments  in  order  to  reduce  regional development  disparities,  and  aims  to  increase  high  added  value  investments  through  such incentives. It has a further goal to improve production and employment figures, and to expand research and development activities that contribute to international competitiveness.

Çanakkale is included in the 2 nd  region under the regional investment incentives, and in the 5 th region under the investments for thermal tourism facilities. For investments made in Bozcaada and Gökçeada, 6 th  region incentives are applied.

Regional Incentive Implementations

  • Customs Duty Exemption

No  customs  duties  are  paid  for  imported machinery and equipment to be provided for the

investment that is made by using the incentive.

  • Social Security Premium Support  (Employer’s Share)

The  Ministry  shall  pay  employers’  national contributions  that  are  due  for  additional employment  falling  within  the  scope  of  the incentive.  The  amount  to  be  paid  shall  be  a proportion of the minimum wage.

  • Land Allocation

For  investments  made  using  an  incentive certificate, land allocations are carried out free of charge in certain cases in order to speed up the investment process.

  • VAT Exemption

VAT is not paid on machinery and equipment purchased  as  part  of    investments  made using the incentive.

  • Tax Reduction

Income  and  corporate  tax  are  paid  at discounted  rates  for  a  period  of  time, considering  rates  applicable  for  the invested  regions  within  the  scope  of  the incentive.

  • Interest Rate Support

Interest  rete  support  is  provided  on investment  loans  with  a  maturity  of  at least one year as part of the incentives to encourage regional investments.


Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution (TKDK)

The Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution provides non-recourse grants for the development of guesthouses, “bed and breakfast” accommodation and restaurant services to be established by small entrepreneurs or farmers the establishment and development of agro-tourism facilities and the facilities to be established for touristic recreational activities (such as sportive activities, nature trips, allotment gardens, riding, mountaineering, cycling roads, fishing) under the Rural Tourism Program.


Development Bank of Turkey

The Development Bank of Turkey offers mid-and long-term loan facilities in order to attract the interest of incorporated companies in development-focused investments, to ensure the profitability and productivity of enterprises, and to contribute to the development of partnership structures and the development of capital market.


Subsidies Under the Tourism Incentive Law

  • Allocation  of  Public  Immovable  Assets and Forest Lands for Tourism  Investments

The Culture and Tourism Conservation Regions and lands for Tourism Centers are allocated to investors by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism under the condition that their prices are paid by the investors under the Tourism Incentive Law.

  • Discounts  in  Electricity,  Air  Gas  and  Water Rates

Investors with tourism investment or operation licenses pay their electricity, gas and water bills at the lowest tariffs applied to industries and households in the relevant region.

  • Permit to Employ Foreign Personnel

Foreign personnel can be employed in tourism enterprises when the enterprise is issued with a permit granted by Ministry of Labor and Social Security,  as  long  as  the  number  of  foreign employees  does  not  exceed  10%  of  the  total number of employees in the enterprise.

  • Tourism Loans

Tourism  Bank  Ltd.  provides  loan  support for  investments  into  culture  and  tourism conservation and development regions, as well as tourism Centers using foreign assets.

  • Installment  of  Forest  Fund  Contribution

Facilities with tourism investment licenses for forestry lands are entitled to pay the amount they have to pay pursuant to the provisions  of  the  Forestry  Law  as  of  the third year following the allocation of the land  with  a  fixed  term  of  five  years  and five installments.

  • Ease of Communication

Applications made regarding the requests made by enterprises with tourism licenses by  phone  and  telex  have  priority  over other applications.

  • Official Holidays, Weekends and  Lunch Breaks

Tourism  enterprises  are  not  required  to obtain  permits  for  working  on  public holidays, weekends and lunch breaks.


Small and Medium Size Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB)

KOSGEB offers various subsidies in support of small- and medium-sized enterprises.

These are provided in order to enable such enterprises to expand their investments and increase

technology utilization rates. Offering  grants  and  loans  in  different  ratios,  according  to  the  type  of  the  support,  KOSGEB provides serious advantages to investors in the region.

  • Loan Interest Scheme
  • Collaboration Cooperation Support Program
  • General Support Scheme
  • SME Project Support Scheme
  • Entrepreneurship Support Scheme
  • Thematic Project Support Schem


South Marmara Development Agency

South  Marmara  Development  Agency  provides  grants  to  SMEs,  registered  in  Balıkesir  and Çanakkale, to help them improve their competitiveness.

In  a  Project  Call  for  Proposals,  a  SME  can  submit  project  proposals  in  accordance  with  the subjects and conditions set for the program as part of a specific support program. For the support programs that can be applied during certain periods of the year, SME support has been given for development of alternative tourism opportunities until now. The subject and sectors to be supported may change every year for each specific program.

The submitted projects are then ranked according to the points received, and become eligible for grants depending on the program budget. Successful projects are given a grant of 50 percent. A portion of the grants is paid to firms in advance to help overcome initial financing problems.

Further information on the active grant programs that you can apply for and current information on all grant programs is available at