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Invest in Çanakkale


Ministry of Industry and Technology

The  Ministry  of  Industry and Technology  provides  support  for  investments  in  order  to  reduce  regional development disparities, and aims to increase high added value investments through incentives.

It  aims  also  to  improve  production  and  employment  figures,  and  to  expand  research  and development activities that contribute to international competitiveness.

2 nd  Region incentives are applied for investments into the manufacturing sector in Çanakkale.

Investments made in organized industrial zones are considered under 3 rd  region investments.

4 th   region  incentives  are  applied  for  the  manufacture  of  the  products  in  the  medium-high technology level.

Many  sectors  in  manufacturing  are  regarded  as  preferred  investment  areas,  and  5 th   region incentives are applied for them

6 th  region incentives are applied for the investments to be made on Bozcaada and Gökçeada.


Regional Incentive Implementations

  • Customs Duty Exemption

No  customs  duties  are  paid  for  imported machinery or equipment to be provided in the case of investments made by using the incentive.

  • Social Security Premium Support   (Employer’s Share)

The Ministry shall pay the employer’s national contributions  that  are  due  for  additional employment  falling  within  the  scope  of  the incentive.  The  amount  to  be  paid  shall  be  a proportion of the minimum wage.

  • Land Allocation

For  investments  made  using  an  incentive certificate, land allocations are carried out free of charge in order to speed up the investment process in certain cases.

  • VAT Exemption

No VAT is paid on machinery or equipment purchased as part of the investment to be made by using the incentive.

  • Tax Reduction

Income  and  corporate  tax  are  paid  at discounted  rates  for  a  period  of  time, considering  rates  applicable  for  the invested  regions  within  the  scope  of  the incentive.

  • Interest Rate Support

Interest  rate  discount  support  is  provided on investment loans with a maturity of at least one year as part of the incentives to encourage regional investments.


The  following  supports  are  provided  by Ministry of Industry and Technology  so  as  to  support  and  improve  R&D,  innovation  and entrepreneurship enabling the industry to achieve a more competitive structure

  • Technopreneurship Capital Support

With  the  Technopreneurship  Capital  Support, young entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas  are  provided  support  for  the  stages  of concept  development,  feasibility,  laboratory work, design prototype production, pilot plant establishment, trial production and performing of type tests stages of their works.

  • Industry Thesis Project Support

Within  the  scope  of  the  Industrial  Thesis (SAN-TEZ) Program, the Ministry provides support to SMEs, allowing them to benefit from the university collaboration culture in their R&D and innovation related activities.

  • Technology Development Areas

Entrepreneurs,  researchers  and  academicians  who  want  to  improve  university-industry collaboration and to produce a new or advanced technology goods and services are provided incentives within the Technology Development Areas, allowing them to conduct industrial and commercial  activities  near  to  or  around  universities,  and  to  benefit  from  the  means  of  such universities.

The incentives provided for Technology Development Areas are as follows;

Income  and  Corporate  Tax  Withholding  Support,  Insurance  Premium  Support,  Support  for Facilitating Employment of a Foreign National Employee, Staff Wage Tax Withholding Support, Waste Water Support, R&D Investment Support, VAT Exemption, Encouraging Foreign Investors, Supports Provided to Academicians.


The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)

TÜBİTAK has a number of support programs to encourage the R&D studies of companies generating added value, and in this way, is increasing the R&D capabilities of Turkish industry.

Grants are offered of up to 60 percent of the investment.

  •  Industry R&D Projects Support Program
  • SME Start-Up Support Program for R&D
  • Project Markets Support Program
  • International Industry R&D Projects Support Program


Small and Medium Size Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB)

KOSGEB offers various subsidies in support of small-and medium-sized enterprises.

These are provided in order to enable such enterprises to expand their investments, to increase the technology utilization rates and to improve their R&D capacities.

Offering grants and loan opportunities in different ratios depending on the type of the support, KOSGEB provides many advantages to investors in the region.

  • Loan Interest Scheme
  • Collaboration Cooperation Support Program
  • General Support Scheme
  • SME Project Support Scheme
  • R&D, Innovation and Industrial Application Support Scheme
  • Entrepreneurship Support Scheme
  • Emerging Business Market SME Support Scheme
  • Thematic Project Support Scheme
  • Application Support Scheme


Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution (TKDK)

The  Agriculture  and  Rural  Development  Support  Institution  provides  supports  to  investors  in particular fields in order to ensure the sustainable development of Turkey, to serve for the priority targets and to enable enterprises in the sector to meet EU standards. Financial contributions are provided from the co-financed funds of the European Union and the Republic of Turkey. Such investment supports are non-refundable.

Supported Topics

  • Milk, red meat, poultry meat and egg producing enterprises
  • Milk, red meat, and poultry processing and marketing enterprises
  • Vegetable producing and vegetable product, fruit and vegetable processing and marketing enterprises
  • Bee products, processing and marketing enterprises
  • Aquaculture and fishery products and processing enterprises
  • Enterprises engaged in the production of ornamental plants, and medical and aromatic plants


Support provided Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

  • Productivity Enhancement Project  Supports

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources provides  support  for  projects  that  will decrease  the  use  of  energy  by  means  of energy  efficient  equipment  and  systems, repair, insulation, modification, rehabilitation and process regulations.

  • Voluntary Agreement Supports

Support  is  provided  to  enterprises  that commit  to,  and  succeed  in,  decreasing energy  density  by  at  least  10  percent on  average  at  the  end  of  a  three-year monitoring period based on the reference energy  intensity,  which  is  the  average energy intensity over the past 5 years.


Other Supports

Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB)

The TSKB serves as an investment bank, providing investors with long-term credit facilities. The  Bank also acts as an intermediary for in support of such funding agencies as the World Bank and the European Investment Bank. The amounts of fund support and credit support are dependent on the project field.

European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank offers advantageous credit facilities to SMEs.

World Bank

Credits are offered to companies to encourage them to start exporting their products, with the aim being to raise export figures.

Credit Guarantee Fund

The Credit Guarantee Fund aims to increase employment, improve export figures and reduce regional development disparities by reducing the high warranty payments of SMEs on bank credits. Enterprises seeking to benefit from the Credit Guarantee Fund can proceed by filing in an application to their partnering bank.


South Marmara Development Agency

South Marmara Development Agency provides grants to SMEs, registered in Balıkesir and Çanakkale, to help them improve their competitiveness.

In a Project Call for Proposals, a SME can submit project proposals in accordance with the subjects and conditions set for the program as part of a specific support program. For the support programs that can be applied during certain periods of the year, SME support has been given to develop the industry based on agriculture and to improve the innovation and export capacities of enterprises until now. The subject and sectors to be supported may change every year for each specific program.

The submitted projects are then ranked according to the points received, and become eligible for grants depending on the program budget. Successful projects are given a grant of 50 percent. A portion of the grants is prepaid to firms in advance to help overcome initial financing problems. Further information on the active grant programs that you can apply for and current information on all grant programs is available at