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Invest in Çanakkale

Energy in Çanakkale

Right Address for Renewable Energy Investments

Çanakkale  is  rich  in  renewable  energy  resources,  offering  strong  wind  energy,  solar  energy, geothermal energy and biogas potential.

The  province  is  located  in  a  suitable  geography  for  wind  and  solar  energy  investments,  and produces sufficient agricultural and animal waste with high calorie values to encourage biogas investments.

                                               Kind of energy


Pioneer in Wind Energy Investments

Around 5 percent of the active wind power stations (WPSs) in Turkey are in Çanakkale, providing a total installed power of 316.5 MW.
The total installed capacity of energy investments in construction process is 3 MW, representing 0.37 percent of Turkey’s output in general in terms of the WPSs under construction.

The total area set aside for wind power stations in the Çanakkale Province is 2,602.51 km 2 . The maximum installed capacity has been determined as 13,012.56 MW.

                                             Distribution of Active WPSs by Province


Wind Energy Leader

The physical geography of Çanakkale fulfills the minimum criteria of 7 m/s wind speed at 50 meters and a 35 percent capacity factor, which are vital when it comes to making WPS investments.

                                               Capacity Factor Wind Speed


Power of active WPSs and of those under construction



Distribution of WPSs in operation, under construction and licensed by districts

 * Turkey Wind Energy Statistics Report (July 2017).


Waste Recycled into Energy through Biogas Investments

In  Çanakkale,  animal,  vegetal  and  urban  organic  wastes  are  utilized  as  resources  for  biogas investments into the supply of climate-friendly sustainable energy.


                                                                     * Turkey biomass energy potential atlas, accessed September 2017   


Energy value of animal waste by district


                                                                       * Turkey biomass energy potential atlas, accessed September 2017


Çanakkale for High Efficiency Solar Energy Plant Investments

When Çanakkale is considered district by district, Bayramiç stands out with a 1,410 kWh/m2 annual average global radiation value, followed by Yenice with 1,408 kWh/m2  and Çan with 1,397 kWh/m2  values respectively.

Ezine,  Ayvacık,  Çanakkale  Central  District,  Eceabat  and  Bayramiç  districts  are  among  the leading districts in the province in terms of insolation, which is very important for solar energy investments.

Average Annual Insolation Duration and Annual Average

Çanakkale solar energy potential atlas

                                                                             * Solar energy potential atlas, accessed September 25, 2017.

 Numerous Geothermal Fields of Çanakkale


The surface temperature values of geothermal energy resources in Çanakkale vary between 23 and 96.2°C. The geothermal resources located in the Tuzla quarter of the Ayvacık district have the highest recorded temperatures in Çanakkale, at 96.2°C surface and 174°C pit bottom temperatures.

Geothermal Energy


 Favorable Investment Environment for the Manufacture of Renewable Energy Machinery and Equipment

The use of  technological  machinery  and  equipment  is  particularly important  in  the  renewable  energy  sector,  and  is  particularly
important in meeting the ever-increasing energy needs.

Çanakkale  has  distinguished  itself  in  the  production  of  renewable energy,  and  has  maintained  an  important  role  in  investments  for
the production machinery and equipment for the renewable energy sector.

In Çanakkale, 5 th  Region incentives are applied to investments into turbines,  generators  and  blades  for  renewable  energy  production.
Regional incentives are implemented.