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Invest in Çanakkale

101 Reasons to Invest in Çanakkale


Geo Location

1.  Located in the Marmara Region of Turkey, where highest economic output of Turkey recorded
2.  Close to the Çanakkale Strait one of the most strategic connections between Asia and Europe
3.  Having coastlines on both the Marmara and Aegean Seas
4.  Close to the metropolitan provinces as İstanbul, Bursa and Izmir
5.  Located closely to Europe
6.  Easily accessible to foreign markets via ports

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7.  Located on a transportation network that interconnects with Asia and Europe

8.  Road, air and sea investments that have speeded up in recent years, increasing convenience for transportation
9.  1915  Çanakkale  Strait  Suspension  Bridge  and  connecting  highway  under  construction, developing the highway transportation network
10.  Two airports in close proximity, in Çanakkale and Gökçeada
11.  Easy access to ports




12.  Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, providing qualitative education
13.  More than 50,000 university students
14.  The university has 14 faculties, 8 colleges, 13 vocational schools and 4 institutes
15.  32 university-based research and application centers
16.  Over 350 educational institutions engaged in the training of qualified individuals
17.  Vocational  high  school  that  provide  human  resources  with  the  necessary  Professional knowledge and skills for the private sector
18.  Extensive professional and entrepreneurship courses
19.  Availability of educational projects for young people 


20.  9 state hospitals, 1 health center, 1 oral and dental hygiene center
21.  12 community health centers
22.  61 family health centers
23.  1 public health laboratory
24.  1 university hospital
25.  2 private hospitals
26.  Health tourism potential due to climate, nature and thermal resources


27.  Hardworking, young and dynamic population
28.  Potential labor force to meet needs for intermediate and technical personnel
29.  Extensive vocational training courses, on-the-job training programs and entrepreneurship training programs
30.  The interest of qualified people in Çanakkale

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

31.  Pioneer in vegetable production
32.  Wide range of agricultural products
33.  Irrigable land above country average
34.  Favorable climate
35.  Rich vegetation
36.  Diversity in agricultural production
37.  High employment rate in agriculture sector
38.  Ever-increasing brand awareness
39.  High potential for fisheries
40. Pioneer in good agricultural practices
41.  High potential in organic agriculture
42.  Perfect location for organic olive farming
43.  4th place among 81 provinces in terms of per capita vegetable production

44.  Leading producer of peaches, peppers, oats, beans, sorghum and feed peas
45.  High  productivity  breeding  of  dairy cattle and dairy goat
46.  Availability  of  pure  breed  dairy  cattle for breeding
47.  Presence  of  high  yielding  breeds  of dairy goats for breeding
48.  Availability  of  suitable  land  and geothermal  resources  for  greenhouse investments
49.  Branding dairy products, such as Ezine cheese
50.  Rich  flora  suitable  for  commercial beekeeping
51.  Suitable habitat for medicinal aromatic plant production
52.  Variety  of  agricultural  support mechanisms


53.  Four season tourism opportunities
54.  Rich historical and cultural heritage
55.  Historical,  cultural  and  spiritual  assets, along with Gallipoli Historical Site
56.  Ancient  City  of  Troy,  on  the  UNESCO World Heritage List
57.  Troy Historical National Park and Ayazma Springs Nature Park
58.  Gökçeada,  which  is  the  first  and  only Cittaslow island in the world, featuring harmonious cultural diversity
59.  Bozcaada  -  a  popular  destination  for tourists,  where  vine  cultivation  is  an important part of its identity
60.  Assos,  home  to  Aristotle’s  philosophy school
61.  Mount Ida with its rich flora-fauna
62.  Saros Gulf, which can be described as a natural aquarium due to its broad range of living species
63.  Variety  of  alternative  tourism  activities based on its nature and sea
64.  Bays  and  gulfs  suitable  for  diving  and other water sports
65.  671 km coastline

66.  8 tourism centers (4 thermal, 3 coastal, 1  nature-themed)  and  1  coast  themed culture  and  tourism  protection  and development zone
67.  11 blue flag beaches
68.  Host  to  national  and  international commemorative events
69.  Home  to  many  ancient  cities,  such  as Parion and Alexandria Troas
70.  Potential for yacht and cruise tourism
71.  Potential for gastronomy tourism, based on its rich cuisine
72.  Geothermal resources awaiting utilization for health tourism
73.  Convenient  bays  for  kite-surfing  and windsurfing enthusiasts



74.  Çanakkale Technopark, where R&D work can be carried out
75.  Increasing university-industry cooperation
76.  3 organized industrial zones (2 mixed and 1 specializing in food)
77.  Small industrial areas where demands of enterprises are met
78.  Availability of land suitable for investments of all scales
79.  Close proximity to industrial raw materials
80.  Industrial businesses of every scale
81.  Accessibility to major metropolitan provinces
82.  Pioneer in agricultural industries
83.  High added  value in  such  sectors  as basic  metal  industry,  non-metallic mineral products, food product manufacturing and furniture manufacturing with brand value

Renewable Energy
84.  The existence of eco friendly alternative energy sources for energy production
85.  High potential for wind energy investments
86.  Geothermal resources to be utilized in various areas
87.  Long hours of sunshine for solar energy investments
88.  Opportunities to invest in biogas due to the availability of organic animal, vegetal and urban waste
89.  Additional financial incentives when using domestic technologies and equipment

Real Estate

90.  High impact of increased tourism, industry, logistics and transportation sector investments on the real estate market
91.  A livable urban fabric in which assets and resources are effectively utilized
92.  Presence of a large number of companies that can serve the sector
93.  Investment climate to develop with urban transformation projects


94.  Located in the 2nd Region in terms of incentives provided by the Ministry of Economy
95.  Evaluated  as  in  the  3rd  Region  in  terms  of  incentives  for investments in Organized Industrial Zones
96.  Benefits of 5th Region financial support which applies to many industries
97.  Grants  and  support  provided  by  South  Marmara  Development Agency
98.  Financial support provided by Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution
99.  Opportunities  to  benefit  from  the  support  provided  by  such institutions  as  Ministries,  the  Industrial  Development  Bank  of Turkey and Eximbank
100. Opportunities to benefit from international financial aid programs
101. Services  provided  by  Çanakkale  Investment  Support  Office  to enterprises throughout their investment processes